“Throw Away Those Commercial Hair Products!"

"Now You Too Can Create Your Own
 Natural Hair Care Recipes At Home ~  
At A Mere Fraction Of The Cost!"

Welcome Everyone,

My name is Kali Winters and as an educator, author and garden enthusiast for over 30 years, I have compiled together over 1000 simple, natural, time tested treatments for any hair type that will cost a mere fraction of what you would pay for over the counter hair products. 

What once worked for Grandma, can still work for you today! 

Because Our Hair is "Our Crowing Glory", I created Hair-Remedies-At-Home.com as a resource center for others who wish to use Natures - natural ingredients for their hair as well as simple everyday items such as Vinegar's, Salt, Lemons, Baking Soda, Olive Oil, Coffee, Honey, Eggs and so many more. 

By creating your own naturally homemade hair care treatments, you too will become more self-sufficient, self-reliant as well as achieving great satisfaction and pride! Who Knows? You may even want to start a Natural Hair Remedy Business of your own someday!

Feel free to browse the links on this site for more information about Holistic Herbs, Essential Hair Oils and other Naturally Made Hair Care Home Remedies, or signup for my free e- book on "Creating Natural Hair Care Products at Home"!

  • Learn about Natural Hair Remedies for Dry Hair ~ Included are Hot Oil treatments as well as the Benefits of Using Hair Masks
  • Healthful Approaches to Black and Natural Hair Coloring to add that extra touch of Pizzazz to any look!
  • Interested in a Shampoo for Hair Falling Out?  How About developing your very own Hair Growing Shampoos! These are Age Old Remedies for Hair Growth!
  • Learn about a Wonderful Natural Remedy for Dandruff! You Can Also Keep your Scalp Stimulated with These Scalp Oils to Control Dandruff and Hair Loss!
  • Discover Natural Remedies for Hair Regrowth and Remedies For Hair Falling Out! 
  • Grow African American Hair Long and Healthy!  Develop Your Own Hair Grease for Black Hair!  
  • Tips on Hair Growth, Hair Products for Frizzy Hair, Maintaining Moisture Balance and Styling Tips for Using Hot Irons & Blow Dryers!
  • Discover How Hair Rinses can Provide a Final Coating to the Hair Shaft to Maintain a Healthy Hair Balance!
  • A Step-By-Step Guide to Creating Your Own Natural Aromatherapy Shampoo and Conditioners – These are The Great Tips of Healthy Hair!
  • Tips & Techniques on Genital Shaving, Eyebrow  Plucking & Head Shaving!
  • The Step-By-Step Process For The Main Methods of Hair Removal! (Did you know there are more than 9 Methods for Hair Removal?)
  • 3 Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Own Unique Hair Color and Highlites!
  • Tips for Selecting the Best Hair Brush, Comb, or Styling Tool for Optimal Shine and "Bounce"!
  • A List of the Best Essential Hair Oils That Will Enhance and Benefit Your Hair Styling Experience and Where to Find Them!
  • Do you Have Dreadlocks and Wonder How to Care for Them? Discover the Tips and Techniques as well as Essential Oils For Maintenance and Repair!
  • Blonds Have it Made with These All Natural Hair Lighteners! Brunettes, Learn What You Should Not Do!

And much, much more!

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