Hair Remedies at Home was Created to Emphasize Green Ingredients within Homemade Hair Care Products. Create Natural Hair Care Treatments at Home. Recipes.

Tips For Lips ~ Over 300 Recipes Using Natural ingredients for Lips Balms, Lips Gloss, Chapstick and Lipstick that you can make in the comforts of your own home.

Herbal Tea Remedies ~ Over 85 Natural Herbal Tea Recipes to choose from. Remedies such as Detox Tea, Aches and Pains Tea, Tea for Nervousness, Sleep Tea Recipe, Upset Stomach Tea, Urinary Infection Tea, and the list goes on and on!

Home Cleaning Remedies ~ Discover the power of Baking Soda, Lemons, Vinegar, Salt and others for general cleaning. There are just about 600 Recipes including: 9 Uses for Beer, 51 Uses For Baking Soda, 60 Uses for Vinegar, 36 Lemon Recipes, 5 Ways to use Egg Shells in the Garden and so many more!

Holistic Remedies ~101 remedies-General Holistic Tips Plus Vitamin Herb Remedies! Natural Food Choices and Skin Remedies!

Hair Analysis ~ Learn how to analyze your hair and what it all means!

Natural Herbal Cures ~These are natural cures your Doctor never told you about! Learn about Natural Cures, Chinese Herbs, Herbal Medicinal Cures, Natural Skin Remedies, Herbal Acne Remedies And Other Natural Herbal Recipes

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