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Few essential oils can safely be applied directly to the skin or hair straight from the bottle, so they need to be diluted in a base, or carrier oil. The carrier oil also “fixes” an essential oil, preventing its immediate evaporation. Just a drop of neat essential oil will disappear in second when exposed to the air.

There are various carrier oils available. The list below is not intended to be comprehensive, but includes the most commonly used and available oils.Blending Carrier Oils

When you make up an essential oil blend, mix the essential oils and carrier oils together in a small cup or beaker. Remember to store the leftovers in an airtight dark bottle away from sunlight to prevent deterioration.

Choosing Carrier Oils:
For massage, you will need to dilute essential oils in a base or carrier oil, such as almond or grapeseed. Opt for natural vegetable, nut or seed oils ~ don’t use mineral oil such as baby oil, as it will not penetrat the skin effectively.

Carrier oils will usually last up to two years, but use your nose to guide you and never use an oil that smells even slightly bitter or unpleasant. This is a sign of deterioration.

Storing Oils:
Store oils in airtight, dark containers away from sunlight. Don’t leave the tops off the bottle or allow the oils to heat up, as this not only affects their qualities, but also allows them to evaporate needlessly. Provided that they are properly stored, most oils will last a few years.

Carrier Oils for Hair and Skin

Essential Oil Benefits Texture
Almond Oil ~ Sweet All Skin/Hair types Light
Apricot Kernel Oil All Skin/Hair types Light
Avocado Oil Dry and mature Skin/Hair Rich, dilute with a lighter oil, such as almond oil
Calendula Oil~Marigold Special oil for inflamed or damaged Skin/Hair Rich
Coconut Oil Best for scalp and Hair treatments, foot rubs Light to Medium
Grapeseed Oil All Skin/Hair types, particularly oily Skin/Hair Light
Jojoba Oil All Skin/Hair types—Balancing action helps oily and dry skin; good for dandruff. Medium
Wheatgerm Oil Dry, Mature, damaged or scarred Skin/Hair Rich, Dilute with a lighter oil such as Almond oil.

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A Carrier Oil or Base Oil is one of the oils metioned above that is used to dilute a pure essential oil before a topical application…such as a hair or skin remedy or an oil used for a massage…

Most essential oils due to their extreme potency, require a dilution by a carrier oil so as not to irritate the underlining skin.

Opt for a natural oil such as the ones mentioned above. Opt for natural vegetable, nut or seed oil ~ Don’t use mineral oils, such as baby oil as it will not penetrat the skin effectively.

Carrier oils will usually last up to about 2 years, but then again use your nose to guide you and never use an oil that smells “funny” either bitter or unpleasant. This will be a sure sign of deterioration.

Carrier Oil Hair Treatment:
Coconut oil is renowned for making hair strong and shiny, particularly with long, normal-to-dry hair types. Use this treatment once a week. (if your hair is oily, use almond oil and give your hair this treatment once a month.)

Massage a palmful of coconut oil into your hair before bed and sleep with a towel over the pillow, or wear a shower cap over your hair if it is comfortable. In the morning, shampoo and condition as usual for glossier, deliciously scented hair.

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