Hair Fall Natural Homemade Treatments

Natural Homemade
Hair Fall Treatments

Homemade Remedy for Hair Fall

  • Loss of hair takes several forms. It may occur in small separate patches (alopecia areata) or as a general thinning of scalp hair; in alopecia totalis all body hair drops off-pubic, auxiliary, facial, eyebrow and scalp. If the ends of the hairs that can be easily pulled from the scalp are clubbed and whitish, they […] More

Natural Hair Remedies For Hair Loss

  • It is normal to shed about 150 hairs a day, but sometimes this number may be increased by various stresses on the body. Hereditary hair loss is known as alopecia. It affects men far more than women and tends to be a feature of aging, starting with a receding at the temples or forehead, which […] More

Home Remedy ~ Hair Fall

  • Some people have more sensitive skin than others. Test these recipies on a small area of the scalp before applying all over. Scalp Treatment for Hair Loss. Tinning Hair Help.[…] More

Hair Oil For Hair Growth

  • Since ancient times, people have added fragrance to their hair with herbs and spices. But research now finds that oils from some aromatic plants may do more than add a pleasant smell to your tresses—they may also hold the key to replacing lost hair locks.[…] More

Old Remedies For Hair Growth

  • Nerve massage can be a miracle medicine food for your hair; it will not only stop your falling hair, but it will help you stimulate your scalp to grow a new head of hair, even if you are now bald![…] More

Hair Care Oil Recipe

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