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Since ancient times, people have added fragrance to their hair with herbs and spices. But research now finds that oils from some aromatic plants may do more than add a pleasant smell to your tresses—they may also hold the key to replacing lost hair locks.

In Scotland, researchers tested aromatherapy on people with alopecia areata, a condition that causes hair to come out in patches. Half of those in the study massaged thyme, rosemary, lavender and cedarwood essential oils, mixed with “carrier” oils into their scalps each day.

The other half massaged their scalps daily with just the carrier oils, grapeseed and jojoba. Neither group knew which mixture they were using, but all followed the same directions.

After seven months, those using the mixture with the essential oils had an approximate 44 percent improvement in hair growth. Massage of Hair OilsThe other group improved as well, but only by 15 percent. So it was clear to the researchers that scalp massages didn’t work most of the magic. At least one of the essential oils stimulated the hair growth.

In addition, results of this aromatherapy trail showed that essential oils regrew hair as well or better than the usual treatments for alopecia areata. And they are also safer. The conventional treatments can have undesirable side effects.

Even if you don’t have a problem with hair loss, you might enjoy a soothing aromatic scalp massage. Here is a recipe to use:

Essential Oils:
2 drops (88mg)   Thyme
3 drops (108 mg) Lavender
3 drops (114 mg) Rosemary
2 drops (94 mg)  Atlas cedar

Carrier Oils:
3 ml Jojoba
20 ml Grapeseed

Blend oils together and massage into your scalp for two minutes each night. Wrap your head in a warm towel to help the skin absorb the oils.

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Kali S. Winters

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