Natural Hair Regrowth Remedies

At Home Remedies For Hair

  • Hair is a threadlike structure composed of dead cells filled with keratine, the protein that makes up nails and the outer skin layer. Structure: The root of each hair is embedded in a tiny pit in the skin called a hair follicle. Each shaft of hair consists of a spongy semi hollow core (the medulla), […] More

Hair Transplant ~ Best Remedy

  • Definition of Hair Transplant: A cosmetic operation in which hairy sections of the scalp are removed and transplanted to hairless areas as a treatment of baldness. How it is done One or a combination of the following techniques may be employed: Punch Grafting: This is the most common method of hair transplantation; it is preformed […] More

Old Remedies For Hair Growth

  • Nerve massage can be a miracle medicine food for your hair; it will not only stop your falling hair, but it will help you stimulate your scalp to grow a new head of hair, even if you are now bald![…] More

Hair Oil For Hair ReGrowth

  • Since ancient times, people have added fragrance to their hair with herbs and spices. But research now finds that oils from some aromatic plants may do more than add a pleasant smell to your tresses—they may also hold the key to replacing lost hair locks.[…] More

Home Remedy ~ Hair Fall

  • Some people have more sensitive skin than others. Test these recipies on a small area of the scalp before applying all over. Scalp Treatment for Hair Loss. Tinning Hair Help.[…] More

Hair Care Oil Recipe

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