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Dandruff is a common, harmless, but irritating condition in which dead skin is shed from the scalp, often producing unsightly white flakes in the hair and on the collar and shoulder of clothing.

The usual cause of the condition is seborrheic dermatitis, an itchy, scaly rash on the scalp, which may also occur on the face, chest and back. Dandruff can also be triggered by a trauma, illness, hormonal imbalance, improper carbohydrate and sugar consumption. Deficiencies in the diet such as the B-complex vitamins, essential fatty acids and selenium have also been linked to dandruff.


Before washing your hair, add about 8 tablespoons of pure organic peanut oil to the juice of half a lemon and rub the mixture into your scalp. Leave it on for five to ten minutes, then shampoo.

Try rinsing your hair with vinegar (ACV) and water instead of plain water after shampooing. Use ¼ cup (ACV) vinegar to 1 quart of water.

Some people have found that sun exposure helps clear up dandruff, but others find that it seems to make the problem worse.

It is best not to use over-the-counter ointments for dandruff. They can often do more harm than good.

Do not pick or scratch the scalp. Make sure to wash your fair frequently and use a non-oily shampoo. Use natural hair products that do not contain chemicals. Avoid using irritating soaps and greasy ointments and creams.

Do not use a shampoo containing selenium on a daily basis, even if it aids in controlling dandruff.

Eat a diet consisting of 50-75 % raw foods. Eat soured products such as yogurt.

Avoid fried foods, dairy products, sugar, flour, chocolate, nuts and seafood.

An infusion of Chaparral or thyme may be used as a hair rinse.

Those with dandruff can benefit from taking dandelion, goldenseal, and red clover. Caution: Do not take golden seal on a daily basis for more than one week at a time, and do not use it during pregnancy. If you have a history of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, or glaucoma, use it only under a doctor’s supervision.

For Dandruff control or to discourage lice-infestation, wash hair with a tea tree shampoo, or one “spiked” with the oil. The usual dilution is a one to eight concentration, depending upon the oil strength and purity.

Essential fatty acids will help to relieve the itching and inflammation of the scalp caused by dandruff: Flaxseed oil, Primrose oil, and Salmon oil are all good sources and are essential for healthy skin and scalp.

Kelp supplies needed minerals, especially iodine, for better hair growth and healing of the scalp. Suggested dosage: 1,000-1,500 mg daily.

Selenium is an important antioxidant to aid in controlling dry scalp. Suggested dosage: 200 mcg daily.

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Vitamin B complex plus extra vitamin B6 – B vitamins are needed for healthy skin and hair. Use a high-stress formula. Sublingual forms are best for absorption. Suggested dosage: B complex – 100 mg twice daily with meals. B6 – 50mg twice daily.

Vitamin E – use for improved circulation to the hair follicles of the scalp. Suggested dosage: 400 IU and up.

Zinc lozenges – Protein metabolism depends on zinc The skin is composed primarily of protein. Suggested dosage: 1 15mg lozenge 5 times a daily for 1 week. Do not exceed a total of 100mg daily from all supplements.

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