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Nerve massage can be a miracle medicine food for your hair; it will not only stop your falling hair, but it will help you stimulate your scalp to grow a new head of hair, even if you are now bald!

Massage over timeThis miracle massage therapy is actually not new at all but has been used for centuries to combat hair loss. It consists of rubbing the fingernails of one hand directly across the fingernails of the other, briskly, for five minutes three times a day..In a few weeks, hair loss will cease, but you will have plenty of hair and never gray hair as long as you live…

Thousands of people, 60-70 years of age, are living proof that if works….

Garlic Grows New Hair!

Garlic has been employed for centuries as an effective natural remedy for baldness or bald spots. Here are two methods of application, which can reportedly work wonders to stimulating new hair growth!

Method 1:
Slice open a clove of garlic, lengthwise, and rub it on the affected area while squeezing out the juice. Allow it to dry. Mix a few drops of bay rum and olive oil and massage with this for an hour…consistently….Apply once in the morning and again in the evening.

Ron N. reports: “ I decided to massage my scalp for one minute every morning without using any goofy preparations….One minute doesn’t seem long, but when you watch the clock for the first time, to make sure of the time, your arms can get pretty tired. But I kept on, and even if I forgot on weekends, I did it every day as part of my daily work routine.

To my surprise, I noticed all new hair coming in around my receding part, about a quarter to an inch long. This was about three months after I began massaging. At that time I felt my hair became thicker and the indentation I had at the part in my hair had filled in to the “normal line””.

Method 2:
Dice two cloves of garlic very fine and mash well. Mix into a pint of 90 proof alcohol. Allow to stand for two days. Strain. Add one cup of fresh burdock, chopped roots or flower heads and allow to stand for five days. Strain. Sponge onto scalp every evening for a month. Reportedly, this is sufficient to promote hair growth.

An alternative method, though somewhat antisocial, is to rub the juice of a thin slice of garlic on the affected areas and allow to dry. Do this three times a day. Within a few weeks, the bald or balding patches will be filled in with an abundant crop of hair!

Massage HeadThe reason these methods work is twofold. First, as many doctors have acknowledged, garlic is a well-known rubefacient (capable of stimulating blood circulation and also contains all the nutrients that hair follicles need), with strong penetrative powers. Secondly, the mineral content may have had something to do with it.

Garlic is rich in sulfur, which accounts for its smell. Human hair contains lots of sulfur. Garlic also has zinc; when experimental animals are deprived of zinc in the diet, they invariably go bald.

Garlic contains copper as well. Graying hair is produced by a lack of copper. Finally, garlic increases your absorption of B vitamins when you eat foods that go well with it and B vitamins have been found to cause hair to darken, in actual lab tests on scientists themselves.

Kali S. Winters

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