SECRET #3 ~ Skin Care: What the Government Doesn’t Want You To Know

Skin Care Products Revealed

Secret # 3
What the Government Doesn’t Want You To Know

90 Percent of Skin Care Products
Have Never Been Tested For Safety

You may think I’m exaggerating when I talk about the hidden dangers of the moisturizing lotion sitting in your bathroom, or contained in the facial scrub you’re using. Sadly, I wish I were.

Just one look at the following statistics will help you realize that the potential dangers in these products are no exaggeration. Indeed, the dangers are much more real than you may care to acknowledge.Parabens

Are you aware that the U.S. Federal Drug Administration (FDA) has a list that contains some 10,000 cosmetic and skin care ingredients that you can find right now in your bathroom? You probably take for granted that they’re safe.

But more than a whopping 90 percent of them have never been tested for safety. Nope. Not by the FDA. And not by any other publicly accountable institution, either.

Hmm. Makes you think, doesn’t it?

By contrast, the European Union has already banned more than 1,000 ingredients used in personal and skin care products. Yes, 1,000!

How many ingredients has the FDA banned? Only 10! That’s right. Just a one hundredth of the ingredients Europe has found to be risky.

But the European organization is just starting. It’s still looking for more potentially dangerous, damaging, and downright deadly ingredients.

If an ingredient is even suspected of causing cancer, birth defects, or other health problems, officials overseas challenge the ingredients’ safety.

There’s a bitter irony to all of this, though. It’s been proven that the more synthetic, damaging ingredients are in a skin care product — from soap to moisturizers — the less effective the product actually is.

The greater the amount of non-natural substances in your bath scrub, for example, the less likely it is that it’s actually providing you with cleaner, clearer, and healthier skin. And if you’re looking for that radiant glow, well, you can just forget about it.

Have you ever indulged yourself to a visit to an elite beauty spa? If you have, you’ve probably noticed that these establishments rarely — if ever — put any of the commercial, synthetic-based products on your skin. Instead, they often have their own private-label products. Or products they create especially for use at the spa.

What are these skin care products made of? You guessed it! All natural ingredients! Now that sets your mind thinking.

Think acne medication. Harmless? Think again!

Many acne treatments actually make your skin extremely sensitive to the sun. This in turn may cause complications with sun overexposure while you or your teen is wearing them.

Studies have even shown that these chemicals are present in the biopsies of breast cancer patients. This left many scientists wondering if the parabens actually caused the breast cancer. Of course, I need to add there is no proof of this!

The problems extend even to gels and soaps — items we depend on everyday to clean us. Many commercial soaps contain something called sodium laureth sulfate. You’ve probably never heard of it. But, nonetheless, it’s irritating to your skin.

Many of these soaps also contain a substance called parabens (you may be more familiar with this) that actually penetrate the skin. Remember, we said the skin acts more like a sponge than a barrier! Once parabens get into your body, they stay there and slowly damage your system.

Actually, parabens are a chemical preservative in addition to being a fairly common additive in cosmetics and skin care products. They’re also (believe it or not!) found as a food additive as well!

The alternative: Create Your Own Natural Cosmetics!

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