SECRET #7 ~ Green Tea in a Skin Care Product!

Antioxidant For The Skin

Secret # 7
An Antioxidant Your Skin

Reduce the Aging Process:
With Antioxidants From Green Tea

You may be surprised that something as simple as green tea can become a powerful natural ally in your skin care routine. But it really can, and here’s why. Read more on Green Tea Here!Green Tea

We all know that drinking several cups of green tea a day can help reduce your risk factor of developing many degenerative diseases — diseases associated with the aging process.

But few of us give green tea much thought as an aid for skin care treatments! That’s a mistake, and here’s why!

First, green tea contains potent antioxidants. These substances help battle “free radicals” in your system, which are responsible for the aging process. But antioxidants also contain antiseptic qualities, anti-inflammatory abilities, and the capability of fighting viral and fungal infections.

Green tea can do even more than that as part of a homemade skin care remedy. Just look at the following health, beauty, and skin care benefits of green tea:

· Lowers your risk of acquiring rheumatoid arthritis
· Heals minor cuts, rashes, spots, and other blemishes
· Reduces acne
· Provides a youthful appearance
· Treats sunburn
· Slows the signs of aging

Here’s a simple way to use green tea to tone and tighten your skin, and to get all the other marvelous benefits from it!

Green Tea TonerGreen Tea Face Mask

2 tsp powdered green tea
½ cup of boiling water

Steep the tea in boiling water for 10 minutes. Allow it to cool. Then apply it to your face with cotton balls.
Note: Another alternative is to use a tea bag…steep as above then cut open bag and apply to face.

Why use a Toner? Toners help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines on your face. So if you’re at the age when their presence make you cringe, then give toners a try.

The same toners can also help reduce the presence of acne. Who knew?

Your skin should always be cleansed before applying a toner. Not only that, but use toners in conjunction with skin masks for the best effects. It really doesn’t matter the order in which you use them. You can use the toner before or after the mask.

When applying this skin care tool, use a cotton ball. Apply the toner in sweeping gentle motions across your face.

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